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Music Review: Street Symphony Vol. 1: Return Of The Rnb Group by 120 | Stream free

07-07-2018 11:37 GMT

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"Street Symphony Vol. 1: Return of the RnB Group"

A monumental album for a genre that needs to find its roots.

Independent New Jersey, US R&B group, 120 released this sensational 14 track album a while back to commemorate their anniversary as a group but it is still one of the top independent R&B releases this decade to many die-hard R&B DJs and fans, who are still adjusting to the genre's rapid evolution and still miss those long and sometimes overstretched high notes, vocal harmonies, matching outfits, synchronised dance moves and the old slide out, the funky clothes, good suits, funky rhythms, really, really, slow tempos, the lip gloss and oiled up chests, real love songs about real love, and the art of being a gentle man/woman in general. Featuring their debut single, "Run to me" and some of their top records to date at the time, this 14 track album will be held close to the hearts of many for years to come.

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