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Music Review: Moves by Cj TheBest - R&B - Texas, USA | Music Discovery XO


15-10-2020 15:40 GMT

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Music by indie artist, Cj TheBest on YouTube | Spotify

Cj TheBest

Slow and sexy wins the race

When the history books are written this song will probably go down as one of the last real original R&B songs ever written and performed by the same artist, alongside the rest of Cj TheBest’s exquisite repertoire. “Moves” was one of the emerging Texas, US R&B star’s very first records and till this day is still a favorite of anyone who has inevitably followed ever since. Cj offers a sound that is not only unique but also pays homage to many of the exciting qualities that were typical of music by the pioneers of R&B. “Moves” came at a time when singers were starting to venture off in all directions except straight ahead in a bid to find the next big R&B sound, but Cj somehow managed to create his adhering to all the very same rules and principles that made the genre what it was in its prime. 

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