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Music Review: Calvin Klein by Trevor Ohlsen | Stream free

25-06-2018 19:51 GMT

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Trevor Ohlsen
"Calvin Klein"

Step aside Justin Timberlake, there's a sex machine in town and he's not wearing Calvin Kleins.

Much like his last single, "Slip n' Slide" released just under a month ago, Michigan, US's rising indie pop star, Trevor Ohlsen's new single is another great song that will breathe new life into your baby-making playlists and music collections. Again, like its predecessor it's a little different from what some of his earlier fans are used to, with a very mainstream pop approach, but with a pensive repertoire like his songs like this really work well to switch things up a little bit.

"Calvin Klein" is slow/mid-tempo, exciting and will get you on your feet. It has been described as Bruno Mars meets Justin Timberlake, meets Pharrell with a little hint of Michael Jackson so of course there's a mild twist of disco in there, complete with juicy, electronic-sounding hooks and a bassline that'll make you feel like a wild, sexy beast about to sweat someone's perm out really slowly - that feeling you get when you listen to a slow Barry White love song after dark while spending time with someone special.

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