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Music Review: Apply Pressure by Durt Boi | Stream free

27-06-2018 17:16 GMT

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Durt Boi
"Apply Pressure"
Hip Hop

A prelude to greatness.

After years of back-to-back underground hits, Memphis, US rapper, Durt Boi dropped off the map for a while and recently resurfaced, bigger and better than ever. Firstly with a single titled "Rear View" which was released late last year and then "Welcome Back" in February. His last single was titled "On God". All received widespread critical acclaim. To cut a long story short, Durt Boi's at the top of his game and is about to blow.

Before you get into this, it's important for you to know that for some reason the track is only one verse long. No one knows why at the moment since it was just released yesterday, however, somehow it still manages to rank as one of the top hip hop releases this decade artistically and lyrically. In 90 seconds Durt Boi will take you from being a disillusioned music fan with a bleeding soul begging desperately for something real to wake up to in the morning to a true believer that there are still some good artists out there pushing the limits of artistic integrity without massaging their egos and taking time out to pat themselves on the back on every single record. There's a music video in the works so maybe we'll get to hear the other two verses then. Until then, keep your head up and don't let the world get you down.


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