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Music Review: Closure by Lyon Tide - Pop - Birmingham, UK | Music Discovery XO


09-06-2021 14:29 GMT

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Music by indie band, Lyon Tide on YouTube | Apple Music

Lyon Tide

The storm is over

Released on the 1st of January, “Closure” is the debut single by Birmingham, UK pop band Lyon Tide, which was recently signed to Italian music company Open Productions, which brought us the iconic independent Italian rock band Amycanbe. Much like Amycanbe’s, Lyon Tide’s sound is deeply satisfying – you’ll feel accomplished and fulfilled just for having hit the play button when you did. 

“Closure” is one of those records you know will be amazing the minute it starts. In an era when song intros are now a thing of the past, after being ditched by the mainstream music industry in favor of guaranteeing that listeners will listen to the first 30 seconds of a track so that Spotify can pay handsomely every time the song is played; it’s exciting to hear tracks like this, and reassuring to say the very least, that not all new artists and bands are gold diggers. Ironically, the intro of this record is over 30 seconds long – you won’t hear a mainstream record like this ever, that’s just the first positive of several. Over 40 seconds later, after what could only be described as a soothing and uplifting adventure into the unknown, you get to experience the very first taste of a band that sounds as promising as a lone pair of Victoria’s Secrets hanging on the clothes line in the new neighbor's backyard on a quiet, cool, breezy Saturday morning - it’ll get you all tingly and excited inside. With a vocal performance that is crispier than a fifty pound note, the band proceeds to whisk the listener away to a special place in search of “Closure”. 

Inspired by the events of the year 2020.




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