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Music Review: Toxic! by HoezB - Rock - Texas, USA | Music Discovery XO


27-05-2020 23:59 GMT


Organized chaos?

Released back in February, “Toxic!” is a metal track by Houston, Texas emerging rock artist, HoezB that will leave you lost for words - but not necessarily in a good or bad way. It’s wild and exciting in unconventional ways you’ll never really be able to put a finger on. With instrumentation so uncontrollably loud and furious that it’s liable to blow your couch sky high and land you in Africa; an almost free-form groove you’ll never really understand; and a vocal performance that makes its own rules; the only thing predictable about the track is that you’ll feel confused and intoxicated at the end of it all. But surely you must have seen that coming, the song is called “Toxic!”. 

As featured on this week’s Music Discovery XO Auditions. Voting is still open. 




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