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Music Review: Dream Of Love by Lightbody Sound - Electronic - Virginia, USA | Music Discovery XO


07-03-2020 23:59 GMT

LightBody Sound
"Dream Of Love"

To the average music lover, nothing compares to the excitement and joy that comes with being surprised with new sounds and styles; and that is exactly what you get when you listen to this single - that fresh, new feeling that makes you feel alive again, as if for the very first time. Sonically, it’s different from anything released this decade, or possibly further back even; and performance-wise it’s just as unique. It’s crisp and groovy in ways words can’t even begin to describe, with a vocal performance that will take you back to the days when singers really, well, sang! and took their time to write meaningful songs.

As featured on this week's Music Discovery XO Auditions. Voting still open.




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