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Music Review: Call My Name by Love X Stereo - Electronic Rock - Seoul, South Korea | SRL Reviews


29-01-2020 00:36 GMT

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Music by indie artist, Love X Stereo on Soundcloud | Bandcamp

Love X Stereo
"Call My Name"
Electronic Rock

For a good cause, and bad girls

As featured on South Korean electronic rock sensation, Love X Stereo’s latest album, the latest in their “37 Series”, titled “37C”, “Call My Name” is a song that was created in aid of Anti-Prostitution Week which takes place every September in South Korea to raise awareness about prostitution and help eradicate it from local communities in the region. All proceeds of the song are donated to a self-help center for youth in Seoul.

Like many LXS records, it’s electrifying with an old school yet ever so futuristic feel and a beat that’ll get you on you feet and then carry you away on a soft cloud till you are partying hard on cloud 9 without a care in the world. It’s one of those records you never want to end once you’ve hit the play button.

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