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Music Review: Are You Ready by Downie Streahl | Pop Album | Stream free | Soundcloud | CD Baby


02-08-2019 18:29 GMT

Downie Streahl
"Are You Ready"

An bright and uplifting 8 track pop rock album by Michigan, US singer songwriter, Downie Streahl. If masterful songwriting, organic sounds and passionate, deeply touching vocal performances float your boat then prepare to drift away in the winds with all the good things good music is made of. This exciting album will inspire and motivate you, infuse your heart with joy and put fire in your soul. Add this to your "me time" playlists for a really relaxing and refreshing touch.

Listen out for the title track "Are You Ready", "It's Over" and "I Wanna Be".

As featured on this week's SRL Networks Auditions. Voting still open.

Listen free on Soundcloud:



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