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Music Review: They Just Danced by Elli Nine | Dance Song | Stream free | Apple Music | Spotify


08-08-2019 11:55 GMT

Elli Nine
"They Just Danced"

Pacey, with a stern beat and that infectious '90s electronic music vibe that still kicks much ass today, Seattle, Washington artist, Elli Nine's April 2019 release, "They Just Danced" as the title suggests, will be sure to get you on your feet. But it won't stop there, it will slowly whisk you away to cloud 9 as it unravels, as if blossoming in your ears, alternating between a dark, dull soundscape and a bright and exciting one in ways that will have you tingling all over. It also features a cleverly embedded boxy sound that'll make you feel like you just stepped into the hottest club in town and it's packed wall to wall with everything you like. Throw this on when it's time to get the party started.

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