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Music Review: Zombiewolf by Dj Zombie | Experimental Album | Stream free | Apple Music | Spotify


26-06-2019 20:26 GMT

DJ Zombie

Rocket science - this is what it sounds like

Reset your ears with this mind-boggling mix of experimental sounds that will take you to the very depths of music production and sound engineering. This virtuosic 12 track instrumental album by Denver, US experimental electronic producer, DJ Zombie will teach you all you need to know about dirty sounds and open your ears to sounds you never knew you needed to hear. It's packed with all types of electronic noises; sweetened, modulated and panel-beated to imperfection. Yes, that's right, imperfection - Zombie is not the Jesus of sounds, his aim is not to save them and make them good again. He takes noisy, gritty, filthy artificial sounds and makes them perfectly imperfect. Reserve this for when you are feeling adventurous.




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