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Music Review: Mind Of A Psycho by M.A.L | Instrumental Hip Hop Song | Stream free | Spotify | iTunes


05-03-2019 18:33 GMT

"Mind of a Psycho"
Instrumental Hip Hop

Spare pants?

Much like inside the mind of a psycho (or at least so we've been told), you'll find yourself shuffling rapidly back and forth between numerous emotions unpredictably, only in this case each one is more promising every single time. Starting off smooth with a gentle groove, moderate pace and relatively level headed vibe, the track quickly transforms into a roller coaster ride of sweet sounds and melodies that will blow you away over and over again until you feel like someone is tickling your ears with a really soft feather. You'll find yourself in dreamland, warm and cosier than you've ever been your entire life, begging for it never to stop, until you wet your pants in ecstasy (followed by a long, satisfying sigh of relief, and the feeling of not caring).




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