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Music Review: Midnight Dreaming by Coolidge | Stream free

18-07-2018 19:50 GMT

Indie Music Reviews (July 2018) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming Hip Hop artists, bands & labels with reviews of the latest songs, albums & mixtapes, music videos, music playlists, live events/gigs, concerts/tours, & other entertainment from your favorite indie Hip Hop performers & entertainers daily on SRL Music Reviews.

"Midnight Dreaming"
Hip Hop

Dark, dreamy, pensive.

It's been back-to-back hit singles for Mississippi's underground rap music sensation, Drevo Coolidge this year and it doesn't look like that will be changing anytime soon. Coolidge's dark, futuristic vocal tone and overall sound has been compared to many new school hip hop greats like Future, but even there are many similarities here and there, he still manages to set himself apart stylistically.

"Midnight Dreaming" is one of those hip hop tracks that will take you to a special place unobtrusively. The beat is dark with a really solid groove that'll have your trunk rattling, and as is customary, juicy, bassy vocals that shine through brightly and soar. Again, as is customary, the flow is flawless and the lyrics will inspire and motivate you to keep doing better and better and better - like you should.

Perfect for riding through the city late summer nights, windows down, contemplating the next steps in your quest for world domination.


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