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Music Review: The Oracle Consultant by Skunk Radio Live | All genres Playlist | Stream free | Download mp3-320

29-07-2018 15:16 GMT

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"The Oracle Consultant"
All genres

A Skunk Radio Live selfie, just for you.

This is one of those reviews that are so difficult. It's a self review, hence a "Skunk Radio Live selfie". Now the small but ever so indispensable team of avid music discoverers, A&R people, DJs and producers who put this playlist together, collectively known as The Jointmasters is right next door so we'll try not to say anything bad about it.

Who are we kidding, we couldn't even if we tried - it's amazing. It will blow your mind first then knock your socks straight of. It'll take you to the moon and bring you back happier than you've ever been, you may even passout from the rush, but don't worry, that's perfectly normally. You'll wake up hungry enough to eat up everything in your house, but that's perfectly normal too.
What we'll try not to do is sound like today's over pompous rappers and pop artists and tell you how amazing we think we are and how good a job we think we are doing. We're not God, and we're not Kanye West either (he thinks he's God). We're are not Spotify who desperately need a suggestion box or at least a support line for suicidal music lovers or at least so their patrons can tell them how they are doing instead of arrogantly pressing along and randomly trying any and everything to make their music service just barely good enough to serve its real purpose which is seemingly unknown to its very founders, and no, we're not about to write a review telling you why you should be listening to Skunk Radio Live every single day and saying goodbye to your favorite radio stations which are pervaded with meaningless crap that will kill your soul at the very least. So here it goes....

Another Skunk Radio Live playlist that will send your troubles so far away, they'll never be able to find you again. This is one of those playlists you won't even get if you paid Spotify a thousand bucks a month, so now you know why it's 99 cents for 3 - stop complaining. But don't get us wrong here, we love Spotify and they are our good friends, we just think they can do much better.

SRL's music team strongly believe that playing just the right songs in the perfect order at the right moment is a gateway to magic and healing. Creating music playlists is not just putting a bunch of chart-topping records together like Spotify seems to think, for The Jointmasters it's a ritual - no one knows what goes on during these playlist creation sessions, in fact no one even wants to know. The doors are never locked but no one goes in. It's quiet and dark as a cold winter night at 3 AM when these playlists are created, in fact many of them are put together around that time of the night. They already know what songs are going in and exactly where they fit in, yet the whole process could take hours.

The results are nothing short of sacred every single time. It's for this reason you probably won't get a new playlist everyday and you'll never get an automated playlist on Skunk Radio Live. Each song has been selected and serves a purpose.

"The Oracle Consultant" is a psychedelic style playlist centered around higher or alternative mind states - however you choose to look at it. The Jointmasters don't believe drugs are for recreational use but are in fact necessary for soul searching, deep thinking, meditation, healing, prayer and other spiritual/metaphysical purposes or connections. With that in mind, this playlist was created to have the feel of an otherworldly experience that gets more worldly as it draws closer to the middle. It starts off slow and then peaks really quickly at about track number 5, remains very lively for a couple more tracks and then begins to slow again before reversing the tempo suddenly and peaking at a blissful yet peaceful state. If that's not artistry, we don't know what is.

 This is a sacred plant playlist - don't abuse it.

Stream playlist free:


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