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Music Review: Birthday Boy by Lightning Scar Branden - Hip Hop - Maryland, USA | Music Discovery XO


07-07-2020 03:22 GMT

Lightning Scar Branden
"Birthday Boy"
Hip Hop

As featured on this week's Music Discovery XO Auditions. 

A lyrically adventurous hip hop song packed with exciting sounds and flows that will take you on a musical journey back in time to when the genre was all about the music, and lyrics really meant something, not just to the artists that wrote them but to each and every fan. “Birthday Boy” was featured on this week’s Music Discovery XO Auditions and voting is still open. If you like artists like J. Cole, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and Chance the Rapper then head over to the Music Discovery XO Auditions site now and show some love and support for this prolific, multi-talented emerging Maryland, US hip hop artist. 


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