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Music Review: You'll Love These Sounds by Dealer.G - Techno - Barcelona, Spain | Music Discovery XO


24-06-2020 19:31 GMT

"You'll Love These Sounds"

Only hit the play button when you've exhausted your whole music collection or library and are ready for something entirely new and out of this world. This is one of those mixes that will really get you thinking about just how vast the music universe is in terms of not just sounds, but dynamics, styles, textures and even chords, whether you like to get technical about your music or not. It will take you away to Mars and then bring you back to earth where your first and only stop will be Ibiza. You’ll never want to leave. 45 minutes later you’ll feel like you popped an ecstasy and made love to Mona Lisa. 

As featured on this week’s Music Discovery XO Auditions.




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